Types of pregnancy belts, choose what suits you

Types of pregnancy belts, choose what suits you

Do you have weakness in your bones, joints or weakness in general before or during pregnancy? Do not worry There are various types of support strap available that can help you relieve back pain, abdominal muscle pain, and leg pain thanks to global medical progress. Some belts also help get rid of the extra weight you have gained during pregnancy


Set of the best maternity belts supporting you:

For you, we have assembled a full range of pregnancy-supporting maternity belts that will make you feel comfortable without stress or chronic pain


  • Belt Booster

Clinical research has proven that Pro-Belt is very comfortable and provides you with effective treatment for vulgar, bladder, uterine pressure, perineum compression, vaginal compression, and ultimately helps to prevent excessive swelling of your vulvar veins. The support or support belt is adjustable allowing you to choose the level of pressure and the possibility of returning to your weight before birth

  • Mini maternity belt

Simple progress and further development of effective support belt for pregnant women suffering from back pain, sepsis, hip separation, sciatica, and abdominal pain. The mini-pregnancy belt supports three pains and helps relieve these symptoms during pregnancy. Not only does it improve blood circulation in the pelvis and helps reduce swollen leg and ankle




  • Belly belt

The abdominal belt of the abdomen is the final solution and designed specifically in the best way to suit the support of the mid-part of pregnant women. It is made of polyester and cotton fabric in order to help you walk, bend and breathe comfortably.


  • Prenatal belt

It is known as the prenatal cradle and is a continuation and development of the maternity support belt, which works to fully support the abdominal area and helps to soothe your back pain, reduce swollen feet and relax the pelvic bones. This supportive belt is so comfortable that you will not even realize that you are wearing it


  • Belt harnessing the forces of the abdomen

This adjustable belt is a pillow for expectant mothers, provides abdominal support, and relieves pressure on the legs and back. It also provides strong and invisible support under clothing


  • Belt gathering forces before birth

The prenatal strength belt aims to stabilize the hip surprisingly by relieving pressure from the sacral-pelvic joints, which have adjustable levels for maximum comfort, and is best suited for mothers who will give birth to a cesarean section


  • Maternity support belt

More than half of pregnant mothers are always prone to back pain. It is not surprising that as your baby grows, we tend to learn more on the back, causing the mother to become pregnant. The belts help improve the body's posture, reduces back pain and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed


  • Prenatal belt with Belt Booster

For lucky mothers, here comes the best belt for support, which offers the benefits of joint pre-natal and supportive belt, or pro, it contains a full set of five support systems in a way that helps pregnant women to stand directly and provides pressure on the hips and reduce back pain as well as tension in the region Belly. The belt also provides the required postoperative support to relieve abdominal incision pressure


  • Support postpartum belt

The postpartum support belt carries many amazing benefits that will help you get back to your original shape by supporting the basic muscles helping to reconnect stress during childbirth. This belt helps keep your belly well supported especially after surgery


It recommended that the above support belts that are used would help to keep your body properly and help you get back to normal shape after delivery in a short time

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