Stages of development of the child in the second month from the first week to the fourth

Stages of development of the child in the second month from the first week to the fourth

  • First week


The weight of the child increases by one kilogram per month. It is possible that the child will remain awake for a longer period as well, and some children will wake up for up to 10 hours a day


The child grows stronger every day, but so far, he can not lift his head upright but keeps him upright for several seconds at a time


After about a month of birth, you feel that you have more confidence in your ability to take care of your child now, although you may be very tired and wish that the night feeding stops. Try to grow up during your baby's day-to-day sleep, even if you need to ask someone else to take care of your older child. Breastfeeding, changing nappies, and doing your baby's resuscitation is like a second nature, but it consumes your whole day. The only positive change reflected in your child's appreciation and gratitude through bright smiles


Your child's vaccinations this month include polio vaccine, Hib anti-meningitis, meningitis C, diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough. The pneumococcal vaccine helps protect against severe microbial infection and other forms of meningitis


  • Second week


If your child can sleep at night for up to six hours, you are a lucky mother. Most children at this age wake up at night to drink milk, but the good news is that over time the child will have long hours of sleep and the mother will be more relaxed


It is important to know that whether the child sleeps at night or during the day or sleep is choppy, it goes on like this throughout childhood


Children start taking saliva and putting everything in their mouths, which causes more saliva production, but that does not mean that teething has begun, because teething takes place between the fourth and the seventh month. Saliva plays a role in preventing the child from getting sick


Most mothers at this time are looking for a suitable center, nursery or nanny, as she will soon return to work if she is working or doing housework if she is a homemaker


The mother has to realize that she has many choices. She should ask mothers with nursery experience to choose the best for her child and visit the nursery in prime time to look for mistakes that may occur


The mother must pay attention to the working staff and to the cleanliness of the place and the family and the number of children in the nursery. If the mother is thinking of bringing a maid or a nanny to do this since the day because the time passes and she must identify and train on the rules before leaving home and leave her with her child


  • The third week


Your baby is now beginning to control his movements, which are becoming more consistent. The mother notices that the movements of the hands and feet not synchronized in the air. Gradually, the child moves regularly, especially when he sees new people


The mother has to give a good space for the child to stretch and move. A blanket can be placed on the ground and the child placed in order to move, as he likes. These movements help him to strengthen the muscles and when the child is on his stomach, he will start pushing his feet as a first step to be able to crawl


Lactating women believe that breastfeeding can prevent pregnancy. This is not true. Most lactating mothers come to the menstrual cycle, ie, pregnancy is possible at any time, and in order for the mother to organize her family, she should consult her doctor about the means of regulation, whether by taking pills or other means Traditional


  • Fourth week


The mother should think about reading stories for her children even at this age because listening to the mother's voice will help him develop his language and audio skills. The mother must try to change the layers and tones of her voice because it will increase the mother's relationship with her child and vice versa


If the mother feels that her child has lost interest in what she reads, she must stop reading and play with him, and she must take into account his other needs at all times in this age. Many valuable books can be selected for children with large and colorful pictures


The mother lives in this period of frustration caused by those who are around, suddenly everyone has a flood of tips and experiences that are not useful to the mother, from which the child must prevent him from the dummy because it destroys the teeth


Whether the advice is good or not, the mother should not be indifferent to what she hears and take advice from real experts such as doctors and sometimes from friends or friends


The mother must realize that human nature attracts people to children, and that is why they are concerned and advise. The next time you hear information or advice, say, Thank you for advice, but I have to make sure of my child's doctor

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