Some things delay pregnancy

Some things delay pregnancy

Pregnancy delay may occur due to problems related to a minor defect in the reproductive system or hormones, and the problems may be caused by some errors in the unhealthy lifestyle, here are 9 of the most common reasons


  • Hormone disorder

Hormones are responsible for a lot of health or dysfunction of the body's internal organs. Perhaps the cause of fertility problems in women is a hormone disorder


Whether increased or decreased, results in no hormonal changes required for complete ovulation within the uterus, resulting in reproductive problems


  • Blockage of the fallopian tube

The fallopian tube is the mediator between the ovaries responsible for the production of eggs and between the uteri, which receives the egg after the vaccination, the blockage of the channel is one of the biggest fertility problems in women


This obstruction may occur due to pollution or some medical procedures in the uterus


  • The problem in the uterus

In order for the fertilization to take place properly, the sperm must reach the egg and examine it and then move into the uterus until the operation is successful

  • Ovarian cysts

Is a medical condition called ovarian necrosis syndrome, which occurs in a hormonal imbalance leads to a high proportion of male hormones and thus major disorders occur in hormones responsible for the pregnancy


This affects or prevents the process of ovulation itself; it is one of the most problems experienced by women


  • Fibroma

There is a type of benign tumors called fibroblastoma in some women, resulting in the growth of tumor cells in many quantities in the lining of the uterus, which impedes pregnancy


Fibromyalgia is one of the most common fertility problems in women. Some minor medical surgeries eliminate this benign tumor and after a treatment period, women can try to conceive


  • Cervical occlusion

Some women suffer from a medical condition called cervical blockage, which caused by the lack of secretion of mucus, which is supposed to help in the movement of the sperm until it reaches the uterus naturally and properly


  • The growth of the egg

Is one of the problems of lack of fertility common among women, there are some women do not grow egg in the uterus properly, not completed and not ready for repair, which leads to reducing the incidence of pregnancy in a natural way


  • Fracture in the yellow body

The yellow body or the yellow phase is a stage of the menstrual cycle, which begins before the menstrual cycle and ends after the stage of ovulation, but some women suffer from dysfunction in the way it works


In this case, the uterus does not excrete the appropriate amount after ovulation, so there is no chance of ovulation in a healthy manner. The uterus is not able to receive any fertilized egg and the pregnancy is not complete in this case



  • An unhealthy lifestyle

Some environmental factors and lifestyle cause problems in women's fertility such as


  •  Chronic exposure to metals and chemicals

Continuous and chronic exposure to certain minerals and chemicals found in the work environment such as factories or medical laboratories may affect the menstrual cycle


This causes some disorders in the hormones responsible for ovulation and results in difficulty in pregnancy and low fertility of many women


  • Smoking

One of the biggest negative effects of smoking is to reduce the fertility of women and to have reproductive problems that reach the extent of deformation in the embryos


Smoking does not affect the locates, but makes them lean and weak. The egg of the smoker is 35 years old, such as the female non-smoker's ovum, age 42, so it is not easy to fertilize the egg or continue the pregnancy


  • Over-drinking alcohol

Alcohol abuse affects the level of estrogen, which produced in large amounts of the ovaries. Alcohol also causes some abnormalities in the fetus and affects the fetus in cases that sometimes lead to death


  • Neglecting periodic examinations

In any case, some medical tests should perform to determine the fertility problems of women.

The more comprehensive and early the examination, the better the chances of recovery from the fertility problems of the uterus, hormones or ovaries using medical drugs or minor surgeries. Some erroneous lifestyles, such as excessive alcohol consumption or smoking, should avoid

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