Pregnancy signs without analysis

Pregnancy signs without analysis

Without pregnancy analysis, before you go to the appropriate doctor before the symptoms of pregnancy appear, you can detect your pregnancy by what known as egg implantation in the womb. What happens? How can you confirm that?


One-third of women around the world experience mild bleeding at the time of egg implantation in what known as a confirmed sign of pregnancy

The lack of bleeding does not mean pregnancy has not happened

Bleeding is an early sign of pregnancy

It occurs six days after the pregnancy occurs

It may occur within two weeks of pregnancy

This simple bleeding cannot be a sign of pregnancy if your husband travels a month ago

The wife should differentiate between simple bleeding and menstrual cycle

This bleeding is often dark pink

After this bleeding occurs, some symptoms may appear that confirm pregnancy

This hemorrhage may be one more point and women call it the "tag" name

Some colic may occur in the lower abdomen but does not resemble the severity of menstrual pain


Causes of Migraines during Pregnancy

Many women face migraines during pregnancy, according to consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, because of the changes in their bodies for healthy growth of the child, pointing out that there are several reasons for the infection of pregnant women with this disease


Hormonal fluctuations: It is known that hormones such as estrogen and serotonin lead to migraines.

 For this reason, women suffer from frequent migraine attacks during pregnancy, and migraine is known to be more common among women than men for the same reason


Pressure fluctuations: Blood pressure fluctuations can lead to migraine in most women


Muscle cramps: Muscle tension during pregnancy is very common. Muscle often stretched in our bodies to accommodate the growing child. This may increase muscle tension that may reach muscle cramps. Our body excretes serotonin during muscle spasms that cause migraines


Food or Atmosphere Sensitivity: Although the cause of migraines varies from person to person, common causes include chocolate, caffeine, weather, processed food, or stress

Tips for carrying twins in a natural way

This is a very expensive and exhausting experience, so you can have a beautiful twin if you follow the following tips given by a British study that you have done. At Harvard University last year, and where researchers found the following about twin pregnancies


Eating zinc-rich foods increases, the proportion of sperm that can be vaccinated, boosting the chance of a woman getting twins


My plans for pregnancy at the age of thirty-five where the ovulation is not organized and the number of eggs increases and decreases and the opportunity becomes greater


Eat a large number of dairy products that increase the percentage of ovulation


Use the birth control pills to spacing two children, and then stop them. In this period, within a year, your menstrual cycle will not be organized and your pregnancy will become a high twin


Try to get pregnant in the first year of breastfeeding, as there is no way to prevent external pregnancy and reduce and increase the amount of breastfeeding and accordingly fluctuate your hormones and become an appropriate opportunity for the departure of eggs from the ovary at the same time, and therefore spread pregnancy twins are similar in these circumstances

How do I know that I am pregnant with a child?

How to know the sex of the fetus every woman is curious about her next child, and wishes to know from the first months if he was a boy or a girl, and yet there are many couples prefer not to know the sex of the fetus desire to surprise the day of birth of the child

There are many rumors and signs among women about the identification and knowledge of the sex of the fetus, and these methods may be tried but not subject to any scientific basis, and may be a question of authenticity just coincidence

 Today it is very easy to identify the sex of the fetus from the 14th week of pregnancy, using ultrasound, or ultrasound, through a process that shows the genitalia of the fetus

 How to determine the sex of the fetus genetically, the man determines the sex of the fetus, as it produces two types of sperm; (X) and (Y), and the woman produces eggs bearing the chromosome (X) only. If the egg is fertilized with female sperm, the baby is female (XX), whereas if the egg is fertilized with a sperm (Y), the baby is male (XY), so the male is responsible for determining the sex of the fetus. However, there are other factors that control the sex of the fetus, including the date of ovulation, vagina


 How does a mother know that she is pregnant with a folkway?

 There many folktales and myths that are transmitted by women to know the sex of the fetus. Here are the signs that the next child will be a child: if the pregnant woman wants to eat lots of meat, cheese, and salty food. If the belly shape is prominent forward and downward. If the number of fetal heartbeats is less than 140 accuracy per minute. If the first word pronounced by the previous child. If the mother is bright and sparkling, her hair was bright and lively during pregnancy.

 If the feet cooled quickly. If you notice the mother in the sonar or echocardiography that the lower jaw decomposition box shape, the child's front slope, this called the skull theory.

If the mother prefers sleeping on the left side

 If the hair growth of the legs increases during pregnancy. If you do not suffer from morning sickness episodes at the beginning of pregnancy. If the color of the urine becomes yellow, then it becomes yellow. If the mother asked to extend her hands, then she stretched them and the two hands were facing downward.

If garlic smells from the pores of her body after eating it.

 If headaches occur. If you tie the wedding ring with a thread and then leave it hanging on the abdomen, it begins to move in circles. If the left breast appears smaller than the right

If the direction of the pillow is left when waking up

 If the skin of the mother becomes dry. If the mother notices that, her pupil has widened when looking at the mirror for at least a minute. If the mother collected her age at the time of pregnancy with the number of the month in which the fertilization occurred, she obtained an even number. The sonar examination used to determine the sex of the fetus. It recommended that the sonar examination performed 18 weeks after the beginning of pregnancy to ensure that the sex of the fetus can distinguish. When the mother undergoes the sonar examination, the doctor moves the tube attached to the device to the mother's abdomen, forming high-frequency sound waves, an image of the fetus displayed on the screen immediately

 The sex of the fetus can distinguish by the recognition of the fetus's genitals. The presence of the penis indicates that the fetus is born. In some cases, the doctor will not be able to distinguish the fetus's genitals because of the fetus's position in the uterus

 Uses of Sonar Scanning Sonar photography can determine the following

 Identifying the sex of the fetus. Detection of ectopic pregnancy, often in the fallopian tube. Check the heartbeat of the fetus. Detection of the number of embryos in the womb.

 Explains the causes of bleeding if any. It measures the dimensions of the fetus, allowing the doctor to accurately determine the date of fertilization. A CT scan of the posterior neck determines the child's risk of Down syndrome

Explains the causes of the results of abnormal blood tests. The doctor can perform some diagnostic tests, such as placental examination, and amniotic fluid examination, by showing the position of the fetus and placenta. Demonstrates the stages of normal development of fetal organs, and measures the rate of growth.

Reveals the existence of certain types of birth defects.

 Determines the amount of amniotic fluid and place the placenta. SONAR SAFETY The sonar examination is completely safe, there is no evidence that it may not cause harm to the mother or child, nor does it generate harmful heat in the fetus. Studies have found no connection between the use of ultrasound and weight at birth, dyslexia or hearing, Childhood

 In addition to the traditional method of fetal sex detection using sonar, the sex of the fetus can be detected using the following methods: Free DNA testing: The main purpose of this test is to detect fetal abnormalities, but the examination also enables the mother to know the sex of the fetus through The presence or absence of a chromosome (Y)

 This test can be performed in the ninth week of pregnancy


 The CVS test performed between 10 and 13 weeks of gestation. The test is designed to detect a defect in the genetic material and, as a result, can also reveal the fetus's sex

 An amniocentesis test, that is, an amniotic fluid test to detect fetal abnormalities and fetal sex. The examination takes place between 14-20 weeks of pregnancy

 Blood test (NIPT): This done in the tenth week of pregnancy to detect Down syndrome, and can detect the sex of the fetus

 Use of the Chinese table for the detection of the sex of the fetus: This table is based on complex astronomical hypotheses developed by the Chinese 700 years ago, and to predict the sex of the fetus, the mother must determine the age at the time of pregnancy, and determine the month in which the pregnancy occurred, The age of the mother is 23 years and months are deleted months and only 23 years. By reference to the table, if the result is a syllabus, the female is born, but if the blue box is male

 Some websites offer special computers to help those who wish to use this method without reference to the table. It is worth mentioning that there is no scientific evidence of the accuracy of the Chinese table to predict the sex of the baby, despite its popularity among women

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