Diseases that may affect pregnant women

Diseases that may affect pregnant women

Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in a woman's life, where she has feelings of motherhood and fear for her child, which she has not seen yet, and the most fearful feelings confined to mothers in the disease, which affects them negatively


professor of gynecology and obstetrics at Palace presented the most prevalent diseases which occur to the pregnant mother and how to deal with these diseases in case they appear so as not to affect the fetus



"Many women develop high blood pressure during pregnancy, and no symptoms appear clearly," "Some mothers suffer from persistent headache, dyspepsia, vomiting, multiple pain in the mouth, more severe pain. Abdomen, and may lead to vaginal bleeding


"These symptoms often occur to expectant mothers at a young age of fewer than 20 years, or to a pregnant mother over 40 years of age. We add to this a high-weight mother who has had high blood pressure before pregnancy


Pointed out that high blood pressure during pregnancy causes maternal death because it leads to the so-called "poisoning of pregnancy." There are some steps that must be followed by the pregnant mother to control blood pressure during pregnancy so as not to affect the fetus


Follow the doctor continuously and measure the pressure accurately, which done by measuring the "dipper" or the so-called uterine artery in week 20 until we know the measurement of the correct indicator of blood pressure

Calcium ratio at the beginning of pregnancy


Aspirin can be used for children from the beginning of pregnancy and be consulted by a doctor so as not to affect the fetus

Pregnancy anemia

Pregnancy anemias overcome by dieting and vitamins to overcome this crisis. The discovery of pregnancy anemia facilitated by the routine analysis carried out by the pregnant mother at the beginning, middle and end of pregnancy


That there are symptoms that appear on the pregnant woman clearly is the feeling of fatigue, persistent muscle tension, inability to focus, and inability to work and perform functions


The pregnancy anemia affects the size of the fetus and may result in severe bleeding, poor wound healing, anemia to the fetus and a lack of mental growth because it causes a defect in the formation of brain cells in the future, and the solution is to follow the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood throughout pregnancy


Gestational Diabetes

The first is the mother's diabetes before pregnancy. Adjusting the sugar before pregnancy is important so that no fetal abnormalities occur. Studies have shown that the mother's diabetes causes fetal abnormalities 10 times higher than normal pregnancy


In addition, the second type is the mother's diabetes during pregnancy, which we call "gestational sugar" and affects the fetus, which makes it larger than normal, which leads to difficulty in natural birth, with congenital defects in the heart of the child


Some women are more likely to develop gestational diabetes than other women are because


  • Weight gain before pregnancy
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • History of patients with diabetes
  • Pregnant woman after age 40


On the prevention of gestational diabetes, "Early detection is the most important steps to help overcome the complications of gestational diabetes, and the discovery is to analyze the sugar at the beginning of pregnancy and the 20th week. If there is a disturbance in the measurements, we analyze the sugar curve to show the truth


Treatment is limited to a healthy diet with increased physical effort and can resort to insulin or some medicines that reduce sugar consult with a doctor


Immunological diseases

"It is a group of diseases that lead to blood viscosity and lead to repeated miscarriage before the seventh month, which has spread significantly in the past 10 years, and the treatment here is injecting increased blood flow, which is taken under the skin daily with Aspirin children, treatment is taken from the beginning of pregnancy



"Breast cancer, ovarian, and cervical cancer are the most common types of cancers that appear during pregnancy," "Treatment depends on the stage where the mother is diagnosed with the malignant disease. If the mother has cancer in her first pregnancy, If the mother is able to complete the pregnancy and then start chemotherapy, and the child does not miscarry the need to start chemotherapy quickly because there is a risk to the health the mother

"There are types of chemotherapy suitable for pregnancy, and the mother can perform a tumor removal after the fourth month, and all these steps can save the mother and the fetus at the same time


Hepatitis B

"It is a liver disease that enters the virus in liver function and causes damage. It transmitted to the mother by contact with the blood or body fluids of an infected person. It discovered by the tests carried out by the mother during pregnancy; the mother to her child can transmit this inflammation during childbirth to contact her blood with the child, in which case the child is given protective bodies for the child during childbirth to prevent transmission of the disease


When winter falls in the Gulf region, it accompanied by heavy winds of dust and viruses. This woman suffers from several common sclerosis, which is included by the obstetrician and obstetrician Susan Obaid


Inflammation of the skin and vaginal

Pregnant women are accompanied by hormonal changes that affect the areas with weak and sensitive immune systems, causing them to be exposed to skin and vaginal infections due to increased heat, sweating and increased fungi and bacteria, especially in the wet places "under the arm, thighs, vagina", which causes itching or burning, In skin color, and in pain when urinating

Prevention and treatment

  •  Clean those places with lukewarm water and lye

  •  Make sure to dry wet places to challenge bacterial growth

  •  Wear soft cotton clothes, and keep them inside and keep them clean

  •  Eat yogurt, which helps prevent infections due to yeast

  •  Put some medical preparations when you increase the limit

  •  Avoid sugars

  •  Avoid using toiletries such as soap and plenty of scented liquids



The tendency to depression

The pregnant woman's biological clock affected by the length or shortness of day and night hours, especially after leaving the cold and spring to meet an atmosphere full of heat and dust. Her morale is low and she is sad for no reason, she gets angry quickly, tends to loneliness and constant anxiety


For prevention and treatment

 Take advantage of the early morning hours and enjoy the sunshine to start your day actively and vigorously

 Practice some simple exercises for pregnancy, or yoga to relax

 Talk with those around you about what bothers you, and this will show you the solutions you have been fooling

 Take care of your beauty and good appearance. This raises your spirits

Take enough sleep during the night to wake up vigorously



Because of the body's need for more fluids, the fewer fluids in the body, the fewer blood flows, leading to severe headaches

For prevention and treatment

  •  Make the water a friend of you, the more severe symptoms of headaches you have a suitable amount of it
  •  Breathe deeply so that you get the right amount of oxygen
  • Eat a piece of candy, where low blood sugar is one of the causes of headaches
  •  Take a warm bath and use the message if possible
  •  Eat vegetables and fruits rich in water



Sinusitis is one of the consequences of the development of acute colds, and symptoms, the presence of dark mucus and thick textures, in addition to pain in the forehead, and the two, and sometimes the feeling of pain around the teeth, creating a feeling of pain when bending or shaking the head. It a common disease during pregnancy


Which is the most severe case of cold, and to prevent the flu you can get the injection before the spread of the disease, and it mentioned that the injection does not affect pregnancy and fetus, but it may not be able to protect you as required, but it relieves symptoms

A good deal of rest, healthy eating, and plenty of fluids, plus one visit to the doctor may be enough to heal the flu


 Bacterial sore throat

This inflammation also does not affect the safety of pregnancy and child health if it treated, so consult your doctor, do a bacterial transplant, avoid taking someone else's medicine and avoid your self-diagnosis


 Urinary tract infection

Do not reduce the seriousness and importance of urinary tract infection; if left untreated, this inflammation can be transmitted to the kidneys causing infections, which are painful and sometimes lead to premature birth, leading to low birth weight.

 Caused by many problems. Symptoms of urinary incontinence include frequent urination, pain or peeing sensation, intense pressure or pain in the lower abdomen, foul urine odor, and turbid urine


As soon as the mother knows of her pregnancy, she waits to see her baby warmer and wants her pregnancy to pass peacefully without any problems affecting him or her. However, during the months of pregnancy, a woman may suffer a number of health changes and problems that may affect her health and sometimes affect the fetus. The placenta is known to transmit nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. The fetus largely separated from its mother and protected from most diseases that may affect the mother. Read also: What are the symptoms of fetal death in the first months?

 There some diseases or infections and viruses that can be transmitted from mother to fetus through the placenta or when passing in the course of birth and placenta, and be in the weeks of the first pregnancy, which is the weeks of cells are the core of the fetus's body, and these diseases and viruses include: Vaginal bacteria: Is a common infection among women, and is caused by a defect in the bacteria in the vagina, and if pregnant woman infected, may harm the fetus, because it increases the risk of premature birth and may lead to low weight of the baby. Measles: If the mother is infected in the first months of pregnancy, the risk of infection of the fetus up to 60%, and may lead to the birth of a deaf or dumb or blind child with defects in the formation of the heart and nervous system.

Diabetes: One of the most serious injuries to the fetus high pressure, the mother's diabetes, where the secretion of a lot of insulin to burn this increase in sugar, increasing the number and size of tissues and cells that may harm the fetus at birth, in sugar, the syndrome may suffer from shortness of breath

Herpes: genital herpes is one of the infections that affect women and harm the fetus, can infect with the fetus during childbirth, and in some rare cases, Herpes can be transmitted from the mother through the placenta during the first trimester.

Waterpox: It transmitted from mother to fetus if it infected by the pregnant mother during the first three months of pregnancy, and leads to structural defects in the bones and nervous system. Hepatitis B virus is a viral infection that can transmit to the child during childbirth. The risk of infection is 90%. If the virus picked up during childbirth, it can lead to liver injury. Hyperthyroidism: Many studies indicate that 1% of children whose mothers suffer from hyperthyroidism and hyperthyroidism, and whose child suffers from an increase in the rate of heart rate, may suffer from thyroid hyperplasia and accompanied by a decrease in weight and acute eye


How to prevent the transmission of diseases from the pregnant mother to the fetus: - The need for periodic follow-up during pregnancy and periodic analyzes of pregnant women from the first weeks, to eliminate infectious diseases transmitted to the fetus and may cause deformities and formative defects. - Follow healthy habits, such as excessive hand washing and avoid some types of foods, and can be useful in protecting pregnant women from some infections

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