Children's Towers: Characteristics of children belonging to each tower of towers

Characteristics of children belonging to each tower of towers

Shed light on the birth of each tower of children's towers, and recognize the characteristics of children belonging to each tower of the twelve towers. Professional information in the subject of children's towers

Children are the joy of life and adorn it with all the meaning of the word meaning. Many parents want to know how their children will be. How will they behave in the face of circumstances, how do they deal with them and with people and with their teachers at school?

 Mothers ask if my child will be intelligent and successful in his life. Through astrology, we will try to shed light on the birth of each tower of the children's towers, and recognize the characteristics of the children belonging to each tower of the twelve towers. Our reference to this is what some European astrologers have written that are really interested in this subject and unfortunately there is no professional information on this subject in any Arab website. In this way, we will present the first professional information on this topic of children's towers to be a simple guide in your hands

Kids Towers: Know your child from his tower

 Children Aries: Child Pregnancy

Aries children find them more energetic and active than their peers among the children's towers. Among them is the naughty child who is running, jumping and resting only with difficulty. This child is intelligent, energetic and strong in most cases. Health conditions for Aries children are often good and their weights are often mild due to hyperactivity and vitality due to frequent movement. At the time of the basic study, you find them initiators and they have the courage to sit in the first grades of the class. You can see them in the student committees and on the school radio to provide news and find them secretaries of the chapter. Find them among their colleagues in the position of leader and leader, despite their young age. This child enters early adolescence and lasts longer than others last


Kids Taurus: Baby Taurus

Taurus children are quiet, thoughtful and thoughtful. They never look younger but are more mature than their peers are. Their movement is few in childhood as it is in the age of maturity but their mind rests only slightly. They do not like surprises but want everywhere they find stability. The mother suffers from them at first because of their extreme habit and tenderness, so entering the school is difficult in Olla. Do not tend to join a large group with their colleagues but choose a friend or two at most. They look older than their age and mature in their thinking and their adolescence is a temporary and fast stage. Health conditions for Taurus children are good but beware of school-age obesity. Many of them have a great voice or a musical license


Gemini Children: Baby Gemini

Kids very intelligent and if you invest in their intelligence this will be the first chapter in school. Their movement is many and very bright, but they compared to the children of Aries less severe and less sad. They want to know the secrets of everything that moves and is so preoccupied with it. Girls find them in two different situations are always quiet and stable in place or lame and moving and disturbing. Their eyes shine brightly; they have amazing speed and ability to speak in a distinctive way. The most difficult periods in education and other things are the early stages of adolescence between 14-18 years are more stubborn to their mothers in this period


 Kids Cancer: Child Cancer

They are the quietest and most beautiful children ever. They love the house very much, are saved, and remain in their devotion to every place they embraced in their childhood life. They sanctify family life and find them from the earliest children of the mother, father, and especially mother, they make up an exceptional relationship with mother.

 Are characterized by calm and psychological stability, but the lack of isolation and introversion that may affect their dealings in the future with the community in which they live. It is important that the mothers here are interested in making them more social and train them to deal with each other with confidence. These kids love living very much in the midst of greenery and nature and do not prefer living in noisy cities and this affects their psychology and energy

Kids Lion Tower: Child Lion

These are the true leaders of the future if parents mastered trust in their hearts and spread them to the rest of their different colors. They seem to be in good health and have an amazing ability to influence others aggressively. Their colleagues are very confident and always take their advice and everyone knows that they are more experienced and knowledgeable in different trades of primary school age. They are leaders, they love leadership and they really have queens, so it is very important that their teachers focus on planting and developing this talent in them. Their serious flaw is their tendency to narcissism and this is a sign that may push them in the case of increased arrogance. The face of this early to remove this narcissistic dye that embodies the personality in the primary school stage, and bring the child to the state of self-confidence without vanity and always rounded from his colleagues and make it most of the time in the case of integration with them and not compete and renounce


 Virgin Child: Virgin Child

Virgo children know them with grace, precision, and extreme concentration. They are the most intelligent children where Mercury, a planet of thought and intelligence, affects them. They also have a taste for beauty and music that rival those of the bull towers and the balance affected by Venus. One of the disadvantages of Virgo's children is their extreme stubbornness and intense criticism of others. Criticism begins with them early because of their intense concentration in detail and indifference to the generalities, which makes them more careful to complete the matter accurately and bother them ignore others to what they care about


We spoke in the first part of this subject in the qualities of the children born in each tower of the towers and we have finished in the first part of the children of the first six towers "pregnancy, bull, Gemini, cancer, lion, virgin." We will talk now in this part about the rest of the children of the towers until the picture completed about your children and know their qualities and how to deal better with them, and how to develop their abilities and develop the strengths in their personalities


 Kids Libra: Baby Libra

Children Libra smart, and the most beautiful, and the most born towers and taste and love for music, art, and beauty.

The planet Venus, a planet of beauty, art, music, and stubbornness, mainly influences them. They are children whose fathers and mothers suffer from the point of stubbornness and insistence on opinion. On the other hand, they have a beautiful sense that grows with time. They are diplomats by their nature who manage to deal with all people and with all situations with a kind of politics and diplomacy that many others miss. Therefore, their problems are few because of their ability to overcome most of them without disturbing anyone. In the course of their studies, they are entitled to the ideal student title. He is a student who is close to his teachers and respects them, and they appreciate him and appreciate his keenness on his lessons and duties




 Scorpio Kids: Scorpio Child

A child seems more mysterious, more introverted and more exotic. Silence often affects speech, so it usually found in a quiet child who does not make noise. Females from this tower in innocent childhood enjoy the charm and charm that makes them the most beautiful and discerning children in the circle of their friends and colleagues. They appear to be very cautious and suspicious of those around them so they do not trust others easily. This issue requires urgent intervention from the mother, father, and teachers, which is the need to instill confidence in them so that they can trust in others, even if a little doubt in everyone around them is difficult and affect negatively over time


 Kids bow tower: Baby bow

Kids Sagittarius is very cheerful, fun and fun. Children should also be childhood and they are the source of joy and joy among their colleagues. Do not miss the smile and pure laughter emanating from the heart. Children who are truly strong and outgoing but are sad and tired of their parents and mothers, where their education requires renewable energy and abundant health. Avoid eating a lot. They are children who exposed to obesity early in elementary school. A number of them are interested in studying only more attention from the mother and father and follow up diligently with schoolteachers regularly. Kids Sagittarius do not sleep much so it is best to get them back on a good and healthy sleep system from an early


Capricorn: Capricorn

Capricorn children are former children of their age who appear older than their peers appear and are separated from their peers and peers. They find them more rational, quieter, thinner and more serious than their younger colleagues. Capricorn children tend to believe older children, and this is a natural tendency for them to understand that most of them are more rational and more mature than their petty counterparts, of course. You find them thinking about early ideals and they want the world to become, as they love it. They are realists, not dreamers, so they may get frustrated sometimes if they come across and find what they dream about. It is best to treat them with respect and appreciation. This brings them more confidence in themselves and in others.

Aquarius: Baby Aquarius

Kids Aquarius children are creative and creative and some are whimsical. They have a great sense of intuition that will be their refuge when puzzled by something. They are affected by the planet Uranus and this makes them eager for freedom and independence and independence and therefore they are tired children of their parents in adolescence where they long for separation from parental authority and want to themselves an independent life and proud of their views and attitudes and do not trust the views of others.

 The best way to deal with the children of Aquarius is to contain them since childhood and authenticate early and talk to them in the form of the proposal and not advice, they accept little advice.

Try to make them feel that they are the ultimate opinion makers, but talk to them as if their place feel what they like and fear what they fear. Here you can earn them in your class


Children Pisces: Baby Whale

Children, prayers and simple and the most innocent and calm children. One of the most frequent children in adolescence but not at all annoying.

 They tend to have a few friendships, enjoy music and drawing and have a great number of hobbies. The Neptune planet mainly influences them, so they have a very fertile imagination, many of them are talented, and many of them have the ability to become a great artist in the future. If parents are keen to discover talent early and develop it in specialized centers, this is the best they can provide to the child certainly. The things that parents and mothers of the Pisces should be wary of are the tendency of these children to be isolated, introverted and vulnerable. This requires them to cultivate trust and strength in their childhood and to participate in school and student activities and on summer vacation to participate in a sports club

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