Baby crying in its first months without reasons

Baby crying in its first months without reasons

Your baby depends on crying as a way to communicate with you and how to ask for food, warmth, and comfort

The baby cries for a number of reasons, including hunger, pain, etc. Nevertheless, sometimes mothers complain that he has taken his baby and changed his clothes, but he is still in constant crying and does not know what to do with him



Causes of crying babies


Because the baby's stomach depends on milk and is quick to digest, it needs to breastfeed every three hours at most. Calculate the dates of hunger and its members

Give him and his grandmother, whether breastfeeding or industrial

The desire to sleep

When the baby wants to sleep and maybe even two years old, he cries when he feels sleep. You will feel this when you find the effects of the desire to sleep on his face and find him rubbed in his eyes or ears with his hand

Know that it is the symptoms of a desire to sleep and has the right atmosphere for comfortable sleep

The desire to change clothes

A young person's sense of wetness or lack of cleanliness is also a cause of crying. Be sure to clean the nappy and change it to a clean one if necessary

Feeling bloating and gases

If the stomach hurts and feels bloating or the presence of gases, this leads him to cry and will be crying constantly. Serve with pepperoni from some soothing herbs Alanson or others after consulting a doctor

Be careful not to eat foods that increase swelling as they pass through the milk if you are breastfeeding your baby

Avoid as much as possible about cabbage, cauliflower, grape leaves, legumes, etc., which leads to bloating

The desire to be borne by the mother

Sometimes crying is a message from the little one to receive some tenderness, affection, and hug and kisses to feel safe and calm

Do not always come back to it because he will always want to bear it

Feeling cold or hot

Make sure that his clothes fit with the atmosphere and be heavy in the cold and light in the heat

Also, make sure that it is not wet with sweat and that it bothers him


Put some of the pain reliever generation or feet into his spoon of pain reliever and your child's hypothermia. Consult your doctor first of course

Feeling pain due to pinch or other

He may have exposed to a pinch and its time will find his crying continuous like a scream

Check his body and clothes, and if that is so, then all of them and give him, a warm bath and I feel the place of the pinch cream soothing

Keep crying for no reason

What if the young man continues to cry for no apparent reason, and what should I do?


If you give him all of the above and make sure that no reason known to cause the crying, you should calm the young man in another way

A quiet voice continues

The fetus feels the heartbeat of his mother calm down. Give him an alternative, a quiet voice that brings him peace as you see

Give it a warm bath

The warm bath may be the solution and it has lavender-rich child oil

If at the age of the doctor allows you to provide some boiled herbs to him, the anise and peppermint soothing well

Refreshing air

If the time allows you and you are in a good mood, bring a quick stroll. Enjoy a walk around the house or in the garden close to your home in his vehicle

If not the time is right, maybe minutes on the terrace will improve his mood

The horror

Shaking and shaking your baby may be the perfect solution either on your hands or in your baby's chair


Rub his body and wipe your hands on his back, neck, and head


In addition, try to control your nerves and calm as much as possible without the emotion on your small. Ask your husband or any family member help you calm down and go to drink a cup of your favorite drink to control your nerves and then return and reassurance again tenderly

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