All you want to know about pregnancy. Symptoms and problems and useful and harmful to the pregnant

All you want to know about pregnancy. Symptoms and problems and useful and harmful to the pregnant


In the pregnancy journey and the previous equipment, especially if the couple plan to carry, many details and information of concern to the pregnant woman, and during the months of pregnancy must be pregnant fully aware of everything related to pregnancy, nutrition and the system of movement and sports, as well as pregnancy symptoms and risk factors, And all that relates to that important stage in every woman's life


Pregnancy test

We start the pregnancy journey from its beginning, a consultant for women and obstetrics, where she explained that pregnancy tests are types. It is done with droplets of urine to detect the amount of pregnancy hormone in the urine. The method of each analysis is always different from the other. Therefore, the steps of the leaflet must follow, but it is less accurate and must perform after the absence of the course. Two days ago


The blood analysis, which is the most accurate and can do on the first day after the absence of the session, it reveals the hormone pregnancy in the blood


Digital pregnancy analysis, the most accurate and can be done two days before the session because it shows hormone levels in the blood


Pregnancy symptoms

"Some women do not have any symptoms before entering the advanced gestational weeks, the most important of which is dizziness, dizziness, and sudden fatigue, and others may feel early nausea or a lack of food," she said. The nipple color in the chest may turn darker in some cases, in addition to mood swings, nervousness, emotional and excessive sensitivity, and the craving of very exotic species of food, which may occur after fertilization and before the time of the menstrual cycle. Some pink blood drops, laziness the desire to sleep, high or low pressure, breast pain, abdominal pain, and frequent urination


Pregnant foods

The woman's counselor advises that the pregnant woman should take care of all the fresh foods, such as spinach, watercress, lentils and legumes, with attention to the well-balanced meat, reduced seafood and good nutrition, and attention to eating fruits of all kinds, especially apples, oranges, dried apricots, And pears, and keep away from fat, fat, reddish and foundry strongly, as well as away from raw food, and processed meat of all kinds, and smoked meat and salty Kalrnga and Fisch and Lanshon, and away from chocolate, and hot foods, spices and hot , Excess salt and pickles


Drinks during pregnancy

In addition, drinking the essential juices is very important. Water in large amounts is very important, drinking natural juices from fruit juice and milk. Caffeine is not desirable. Drink it. Do not eat more than one cup a day of one of these drinks. Tea, coffee, Latte, and of course skip cinnamon, ginger, and canned, processed and canned beverages



Movement during pregnancy

Pregnant movement during pregnancy is one of the most important information that a pregnant woman must know about her limits and precautions. The quick snap movement is not desirable, and the bending times should reduce. The sleep should keep on the abdomen continuously, and the sitting should not be squatting or squatting. Hard labor

Effort in pregnancy

In the first three months of pregnancy, in the first three months of pregnancy, the pregnant woman must avoid violent and arduous movements and forced domestic labor, and refrain from carrying heavy objects or paying heavy objects, and severe wasting, and during the months of pregnancy she must also be careful Those caveats


Signs of danger in pregnancy

There are some signs of danger during pregnancy on the pregnant woman and then consult with the doctor immediately, such as bleeding, dark vaginal discharge and structure, high body temperature, continuous tremor

Sudden abdominal pain, severe head pain, leaking of the baby's water, severe urination with severe thirst, frequent drowsiness, severe allergies or vomiting, prolonged and excessive vomiting, and severe swelling all over the body such as hands and eyes And face


Exercise in pregnancy

"The pregnant woman can exercise only with the direct order of the doctor who is following her condition, and prefer to stay away from her completely in the first three months," she said.

 "Sports during pregnancy is useful for the flexibility of the pregnant body, facilitating birth and labor, Weight of the pregnant woman and prevention of pregnancy sugar and poisoning, and the best sports for the pregnant and walking Yoga, and relaxation exercises, and the most forbidden sports, violent sports and weightlifting and all the movements of unsafe or the possibility of falling on the ground or collision, such as the basket, horse riding, and others, Exercise pregnant sports only in sports and physical centers by special section for pregnant women


The marital relationship during pregnancy

During pregnancy, obstetricians, and infertility to rationalize the marital relationship between the spouses, so that no severe uterine contractions occur, especially in the first three months. In the first period of pregnancy, the marital relationship must avoid according to the doctor's order. The case of the instructions, and follows the couple in each case instruction in this regard well, because some cases completely abstain intercourse such as bleeding cases and adherent placenta


Back pain in pregnancy

And back pain during pregnancy, consultant of women and obstetrics, explaining that these pains are normal during pregnancy provided that they are within the normal range determined by the follower, and the most important tips to get rid of back pain in the pregnant, must be erection of her back and her back and shoulders When sitting or at work, you walk every half hour, keeping away from bending too much, and avoid sleeping on your back in the last months of your belly

The mental state of the pregnant woman is important to complete the pregnancy

Travel during pregnancy

During the pregnancy, many pregnant women become pregnant with the idea of travel.

Advises that the pregnant woman should travel with her doctor's order and should refrain from traveling on the rough and harsh roads over long distances. In all pregnancy months, the doctor must give permission to travel. Their nature, travel means and travel time are important, preferably those who have problems with stress or gestational diabetes during pregnancy


In pregnancy, the head of the child must be down


Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant woman with gestational diabetes, we talked about explained that the case of high blood sugar of pregnant women during pregnancy, which may lead to risks to the fetus in some cases or large size may be foreshadowing premature birth,. It is preferable to avoid excessive sugars, such as oriental sweets, tortillas, chocolate, industrial sweets, and children's sweets, and the frequent addition of sugar to beverages, coffee, and starches. It is preferable to eat fruit and natural juices. It is possible to control gestational diabetes by regulating pregnant feeding during pregnancy or in doses Specific and specific treatment of sugar as the case and according to the doctor's orders and may fade sugar immediately after birth



Pregnancy poisoning affects some pregnant women as a result of high blood pressure and causes sporadic spasms in the body, and threatens the safety of pregnancy and must be born of the fetus, which may become an early birth, and may be treated by regulating the nutrition of the pregnant as instructed by the doctor and continuous follow-up of the pregnant, She suffers from a stress disorder by pregnancy, the need to inform her doctor of that information



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